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Our Wedding Film Options

Nothing captures the genuine emotions of a wedding day like a film. Our team wants to build your love story from all the significant moments of your big day.


Highlight Video

This video will be a montage of the best moments throughout the night, set to music. This video has no set length, as it will depend on the available footage, your song choices, and the editor's stylistic decisions.

Full Feature Video

This video will include all the clips from the highlight video, important parts of the ceremony, and any speeches made throughout your big day. This video has no set length and will vary depending on the length of your ceremony and speeches.

Cinematic Trailer Video

This will be a trailer-like video set to one song (or a portion of one song).  This trailer has no set length as it is meant to be a more stylized version of the highlight video.  It may include clips in any chronological order to create a more compelling visual story.  Our editors are open to any music suggestions you have, but may choose a better suited song.

Ceremony & Toast Video

This video will start with the beginning of your wedding ceremony with minor edits to ensure the best possible angles and audio.  Following the ceremony, the video will transition into any speeches that may have taken place at your wedding in chronological order.  This video will not be set to music, and the length will vary depending on how long your ceremony and speeches were.  This is a simple and wonderful way to remember your big day. 

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Social Media Video

This will be a vertical (1080x1920) video highlighting one or two memorable moments throughout your wedding day. The video will be set to a song of the editor's choosing and will be about a minute or less to ensure you can post it on the most prominent social media platforms. 

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