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To Include or NOT to Include your Pup?

At B. Remembered, we love dogs! Every time couples ask to include their pup, we couldn't be more excited... buttt it can be quite a bit of work. If you are going to add your pup to your portraits, here are a few things to consider.

1. Designate someone to care for them at all times.

We all think our pups are the best on earth, but on your wedding day they can be overwhelmed. Having someone on standby to take care of the pup when they aren't in any photos can be crucial to keep stress levels low. Every time we are chatting with a couple on the topic, this is our suggestion and it never fails. Make sure to have someone who is familiar with your pup or if you are going to hire someone, make sure they meet prior to the day of. If you have someone who can take the responsibility off your hands you can enjoy the moments with your pup and without. A heavily suggested idea is to have someone who is not apart of the bridal party take care of them so they can bring your best friend home during the reception.

2. Treats and Lint Brushes are key.

Treats are a great way to incentivize your pup to stare at the camera or keep them occupied when a lot is going on. Most of the time, people are calling their name to try to get them to look but having someone behind the photographer with a treat may be your best bet! The other key is to have a lint brush on standby. This should be kept on a bridesmaid at all time. If you have a pup with a lot of fur, go with a roller, but most of the time you can get a way with a lint brush. Grooms tend to have small fur or hair stick to their suit and this can be a nuisance for the photographer in the editing process.

3. Be Careful of Their Claws with the Dress!

Time and time again we have seen the over anxious dog rip the dress on the big day! It's truly painful to watch... Speaking from an owner of a rambunctious pup, I would heavily suggest trying to tire them out in the morning. Whether it is multiple walks, runs or a visit to the park, this is a must! If they are still high strung, make sure to keep them off the dress at all times.

We hope this helps for your upcoming big day! To find a team of Wedding Professionals and incredible service, please check out our website at


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