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We understand booking your wedding can be frustrating; we want to help! Here are some of our most frequently asked questions to help guide your wedding planning process. 


Please feel free to contact us directly if you have more questions about our services or what is included in your wedding day package!



  • Can I reschedule due to COVID-19?
    Yes, we do allow for rescheduling due to COVID-19. If there are any restrictions from the venue, state, or town we will be happy to transfer your 1st payment to any date available. If no dates are available, we will refund you for your 1st payment. ​ If you choose to reschedule your date without any restrictions posing a threat to your wedding, you can do so with a $300 transfer fee. If we do not have the date available, we are able to refund you for the 1st payment.
  • Is Travel included in your price? Do you offer Destination packages?
    Travel fees are not included in our standard pricing but they will not be incurred for any locations under 70 miles. ​ Any job between 70-150 miles will be charged $150. Any job between 150-250 miles will be charged $250. ​ We do offer destination packages start at 8 hours for any of our services. Pricing will include transportation, stay and other amendities for our wedding professionals.
  • What do you require for a Deposit and when is the 2nd Payment due?
    We require a 50% first payment to book any of our services. Payments can be made online through your client hub, over the phone using a credit or debit card, or in person at our offices in Westborough. ​ Your 2nd Payment will be due 5 days prior to your wedding for our DJ and Coordination services or on the day of your wedding for Photography and Film.
  • Why isn't my date and time of the booking on my quote?
    Our team is now using an incredible new system to manage times and details for your big day. We are able to schedule multiple locations for our wedding professionals and create appointments based off of the wedding form you will have to fill out. ​ This allows our team to arrive promptly and at the correct address every time! As soon as your 1st payment is complete and your terms are signed, you will receive a "Job" confirmation email with your date, location and time included. ​ Once you've filled out your form, you may receive another email with additional locations or a change in location due to the new information.
  • When will I get my wedding form to fill out?
    Wedding forms are sent out to our couples 7-14 days prior to your BIG day! Why do we wait this long? Well, we have found that weddings can be pretty chaotic and schedules may change quite a bit leading up to the big day. Waiting until 2 weeks out will ensure the most up to date and accurate information for our wedding professionals.
  • Why don't I see the appointment details in my Client Hub?
    All appointments for wedding professionals will show on your client hub 60 days prior to your wedding. This is not something we chose; it is a limitation of the system. At that time, you will see the appointment(s) appear with all of the details included. ​ Your wedding professional will also show on the appointment if you had already chosen them or if someone already chose your date.
  • Can I choose my Wedding Professional?
    You are welcome to choose your wedding professional by looking at our wedding videos or client albums. We ask that you choose your top 3 to allow us to look at their availability. ​ Our Wedding Professionals rotate each weekend in order to not get burned out. We do not have A or B teams due to this nature and we make sure that all of our Wedding Professionals are trained in the best gear and how to treat you right!
  • Do we have Insurance and can we send it to your Venue?
    Yes, B. Remembered Inc is fully Insured. Upon request after booking, we are happy to send a Copy of our Insurance (COI) to any venue. Please feel free to email with your venues email and address for the Insurance. All copies of our insurance will be sent online and can take up to 24 business hours.
  • Can I customize my bundles packages?
    Absolutely! We love when couples book more than 1 service with us. However, we understand that not all services are alike. You can always book a service(s) for more hours than another. The only change that may occur is the discount offered for the bundle. Our Bundle pricing is based off of the hours offer for each service, changing those hours will effect the discount price.
  • Can I change my start time or add on hours?
    Yes, you can change your start time at any time up until 24 hours prior to your wedding day. We prefer that you let us know of your desired start time on the Wedding form 7-14 days prior to your wedding. Our team and your wedding professional(s) will review your times and update your appointment accordingly. ​ If you'd like to add on time for your wedding, we can do so up to 7 days before the wedding. If you need to add time with the 7 days of your wedding or on the day of, our rates are higher due. Most wedding professionals take jobs based off of the time and day. We have them set extra time aside incase you need more time on your big day, but we do pay more to our team for the extra hours on site.
  • Why should we hire a wedding coordinator?
    Hiring a wedding coordinator will give you piece of mind not only on the wedding day but in the days, weeks, and months leading up to the big day. Our number one priority is to ensure you have the best day of your life with no stress or uncertainties arising for you on the day. We will work with you before the wedding day to ensure no detail is missed, communicate with your vendors to ensure they are prepared for the big day, and be there the day of the wedding to execute the plans so you (and your friends & family) can enjoy every aspect of the day.
  • As my coordinator, how will you work with my other vendors?"
    We will collaborate with your vendors to understand their needs to successfully perform their duties on the wedding day. Prior to the wedding day, we will communicate with your vendors to gauge timings and requirements and ensure we have accounted for those requirements in our timeline. We will ensure all vendors have a copy of your timeline, layout, and other pertinent information prior to the wedding day so that everyone is on the same page. On the wedding day, we view all your vendors as our coworkers and want them to feel capable in their surroundings as well as comfortable discussing any questions or concerns with us. Will will work with them as partners to ensure your day is perfect.
  • I’ve been looking for a day-of service, is this something you offer?"
    All of our packages include day-of coordination, but all of them also include some planning & coordination assistance prior to the wedding day. It is nearly impossible for us to simply show up on the day of the wedding, without any planning prep, and successfully orchestrate things. There are certain elements we need to know, create, and discuss with you and your vendors prior to the wedding date. Our wedding coordination packages include preparation of the basic elements we need to ensure your big day is a success.
  • What is the difference between a venue coordinator and a wedding coordinator?
    A venue’s coordinator will typically assist with anything related to the venue. If the venue has in house catering and bartending, they will assist you in making selections. They will also explain your options for venue layouts and assist with certain elements of set up on the day of the wedding. Typically, a venue coordinator's duties don’t include anything that does not directly involve the venue and this is where your hired coordinators duties take over. If you are having a ceremony at a different location, need transportation from a different site, and/or have other vendors that need to be coordinated (entertainment, photography, florists, etc.) this would fall on your hired coordinators shoulders. If you have personal decor that needs to be set out, this is generally something your hired coordinator takes care of, as well as cleaning those items up at the end of the night.
  • I’m interested in booking your wedding coordination services, but I don’t know how long I need you there the day of the wedding. Should I wait to book until I know?"
    No, you do not need to wait to book your coordination package in this case. We will work through your wedding timeline with you, as the details are planned, and adjust your coordination package accordingly once the timeline is finalized. We will ensure you have enough coverage for the wedding day.
  • How early should we start planning our wedding?
    It is never too early to start planning! Most couples start planning after their engagement, about 9-12 months before the anticipated wedding date. If you are planning to have a long engagement, you should still begin planning the details, choosing a venue, and other vendors. The earlier you begin planning, the more options you will have.
  • What areas do you service?
    Currently, we service all of New England, including Maine, Vermont, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and Connecticut. We also offer destination services to any location you choose.
  • We haven’t booked our venue yet or date yet, can we still book with you?"
    Yes! You certainly can book services with us before booking your venue and securing your date. With many coordinators and planners on our team, we will be able to assist you no matter which date you choose. We are also happy to help you in finding the ideal venue for you!
  • Are we required to use all B. Remembered services when we book a B. Remembered planner or coordinator?
    No, you are not required to use B. Remembered’s other services if you book a coordination package with us. We will work with any vendors you choose to hire for your big day. Although, if you do bundle services with B. Remembered, you receive discounted pricing
  • What is our style of Photography?
    Our team learns multiple styles of photography and we are there to work with you to match the style you are looking for. We will work with the surrounding elements such as the time of year and the locations to create beautiful art that you can have to remember your big day. All of our photographers use the same equipment and our editing staff can work to adjust the styles of your photos upon request.
  • How many revisions come with my package?
    Our editing staff works very hard to create the perfect wedding photos that encapsulates your wedding like no other. However, mistakes do happen and we are happy to fix them. Please provide us with any suggestions for your complimentary revision 7 days after we have sent out your content. ALL revisions must be submitted prior to the 7 day mark or additional editing fees may be incurred. ONLY 1 complimentary revision is offered so we ask that you send over all suggestions prior to the 7 day deadline.
  • How do I access my Photos?
    Your content will be sent to you up to 60 business days on average after your wedding. You will be sent access to the online drive where you are able to view, share or download all content. Edited photos will be available through online drive with no watermarks included on the photos. Your photos will also be available through our client albums section of our website. Using the link our team provides, you can purchase prints, posters, canvas, and more on our website. ​ *Hard drives are available with both edited and RAW Photos (or JPEG) for $100.
  • Do prints come in my package?
    Our Wedding Photography Packages do NOT come with prints and ONLY contain digital photos. However, you are able to purchase prints, canvas, metal or acrylic photos through your client album. At this time we are not offering albums directly through our company, but we are happy to work with you to create an album and have it printed. ​ Photo albums start at $150 and go up to $900 depending up the number of photos and the style of the album.
  • What is the difference between a 1 shooter and a 2 shooter package?
    As the 1 shooter package suggest, this is only 1 individual. Only having 1 photographer to capture the day may lead to the capture of less content throughout the day. ​ With 2 individuals, they will work together to capture all parts of the day and multiple perspectives. They will also have less set up time, leading to additional content. ​ Lighting equipment is included in the Two-Shooter Packages.
  • Do I own the rights to my photos?
    Yes, you own the rights to your photos and you are welcome to share them anywhere you like. When accessing content on the google drive, you won't have any watermarks visible on the content you download. ​ If you view your photos on the client album site, you will see a watermark, but it will not be shown upon print. This is simply to keep other companies from stealing our work and selling it.
  • Why is there a model release clause in my contract?
    Even though you own the rights to your photos, we do post your content to our website. By having you sign the model release, it waives us of any problems that may come about for doing so. Please note that we value your privacy and we allow you to opt out of any social media or marketing purpose through our Wedding Form. We will abide by any of these requests.
  • How much editing to you do to each photo?
    Our team of editors will go through all of your RAW photos using light room and take out any imperfections. We will also adjust lighting, tones and color to create the perfect photo. ​ Please note that we are not typically photoshopping images together for digital files. Editing photos in this manner may incur more costs due to the time not being incorporated in the package costs.
  • Can I schedule a call with my photographer prior to my Wedding?
    Absolutely! Our photographers are happy to chat and will actually call you once they receive your wedding form IF they have any questions. However, they are happy to schedule a call prior to discuss any concerns or walk through your big day. ​ Please note that we will have a new YouTube series explaining what to expect on your big day in the coming weeks.
  • What is included in the Highlight Reel VS the Full Feature?
    Your highlight reel is compilation of cinematic clips captured throughout the day and edited into a movie trailer that can vary in length from 5-15 minutes. The length of the highlight varies greatly due to the amount and length of events throughout your wedding day. ​ Your Full Feature will include all of the same cinematic clips and sequences but we will also include the full ceremony from start to finish, along with any speeches or additional content.
  • Can I choose the music for my videos?
    Yes, upon receiving your wedding form, you will find the questions about music. We allow you to choose any song, genre or mood you'd like for our editing team to use. We will use the songs, genre or mood throughout the whole video or in the locations you choose. ​ If you do not provide enough songs for the entire highlight or full feature, we will choose songs that match the tone of the songs you have chosen for our team.
  • How many revisions come with my package?
    Our editing staff works very hard to create the perfect wedding video that encapsulates your wedding like no other. However, mistakes do happen and we are happy to fix them. Please provide us with any suggestions for your complimentary revision 7 days after we have sent out your content. IF there are name corrections or clips that don't belong to your wedding, we guarantee correction at any time. ALL other revisions must be submitted prior to the 7 day mark or additional editing fees may be incurred. ONLY 1 complimentary revision is offered so we ask that you send over all suggestions prior to the 7 day deadline.
  • Can I have interviews during my wedding?
    This documentary style approach is very easy for our team to do and it does not require any additional members of our staff or equipment. However, due to the venue and location, we do NOT guarantee the use of any interviews in your final full feature. ​ Upon request we are happy to capture these interviews but space may not allow for high quality work. If your location is too loud or too dark during the reception, we may recommend not capturing any interviews.
  • What is RAW footage and is it included?
    As of 2022, we are no longer including the RAW footage clips in our wedding film packages. RAW footage is the clip taken directly from the camera. These clips are captured specifically for our editing team to view and work with. The only RAW footage included in each package will be the Full Ceremony from start to finish, along with any speeches or long duration clips. ​ RAW footage may be dark, unbalanced and blurry at times due to constant adjustments being made to create the perfect cinematic clip.
  • What is the difference between a 1 shooter and a 2 shooter package?
    As the 1 shooter package suggest, this is only 1 individual. Only having 1 videographer to capture the day may lead to the capture of less content throughout the day. ​ With 2 individuals, they will work together to capture all parts of the day and multiple perspectives. They will also have less set up time, leading to additional content. ​ IGTV and lighting equipment are included in the Two-Shooter Packages. IGTV videos are approximately 2 minutes in lengths and can be added on to any package for $250.
  • How much time is needed to set up?
    Upon arrival, our wedding professionals will be set up and ready to capture content. However, when setting up for the ceremony, they will need 15-25 minutes to set up an additional camera angle, along with microphones and additional equipment. Please make sure this time is set aside for them. ​ If you have a 2 shooter package, please know that you will significantly reduce the time needed for set up.
  • Is drone included in my package?
    Drone Footage is included in any package over 8 hours or it can be added on for $250 with any package. Please know that putting the drone up in the air will take time away from filming other events. We highly suggest accounting for this when booking your package with us. ​ All of our drones are registered with the FAA and are insured. We do NOT fly drones during the ceremony.
  • How will I receive my content and do I own the rights?
    Your content will be sent to you up to 60 business days on average after filming. You will be sent access to the online drive where you are able to view, share or download all content. You will own the rights to the videos and can share them as you please. ​ Please note that viewing content on our cloud server may show the content in 480 to reduce storage space needed. Please download all content to view in 1080p. ​ If you would like us to send you everything on a hard drive, please note that it is a $100 fee.
  • What equipment do we use and what resolution do we deliver to you?
    During 2022, we will be using the brand new Sony A7 IV, Sony A7s III and the industry standard Sony A7 III. Our cameras film in 4K or 1080p. ​ We also provide wireless Saramonic Microphones that hide very easily on the Bride and Groom or the Official. ​ We deliver all footage in 1080p to create excellent quality while keeping the file size at a managable level to share through your phone.
  • Do you provide your own sound system(s) and is there any charge for setting up/taking-down equipment?
    We supply our own sound equipment. Our sound system(s) can accommodate up to 500 guests. Our team typically arrives approximately 2 hours prior to the event start time to set up. They will stay an hour extra after to take-down the equipment at no additional charge.
  • What type of music do you usually play?
    We have an extensive and diverse music library. We play a good mix of both old and new music, depending on our clients preferences. We will work from a playlist if the client requests this of us.
  • What type of attire will the DJ wear at my event?
    We dress to impress. Formal or semi-formal. Let us know what works best for you and your event. If the event is a wedding, then we try to match the wedding colors with a suit/vest and tie.
  • Why does it cost more to include the Ceremony?
    If you are looking to include us in your ceremony or cocktail hour, we may need to include a satellite speaker system in order accommodate another location. This add-on brings with it more equipment, additional set up and operation.
  • What types of Photo Booths are available?
    Currently we are offering two state of the art photo booth options for all of our customers. The first is a simple Salsa Photo booth that will serve as the life of the party for both reels and photos. ​ Our second system is the famous Revospin. Available to create incredible 360 videos of your guests!
  • Will the DJ/MC make announcements?
    Yes, it’s part of the job! We will make announcements and emcee your event based on the agenda created prior to your event.
  • When should we submit our music requests?
    All music requests must be submitted 2 weeks prior to your event date. This will ensures your DJ is properly prepared for your event.
  • Will we have a Final Details meeting?
    We like to schedule your Final Details meeting approximately 10-14 days prior to your event date. This meeting can be done in person, at our office, or via a phone call. It is best to touch base about 30 days prior to your event date to book this meeting with your DJ.
  • Do you offer additional services, such as lighting and photo booths?"
    Yes, we offer Professional grade and unlimited color combinations to match your theme and enhance the venue's features. 8 fixtures with a two-color footprint and an onsite tech. ​ Monogram projections that customize your event with style as guests experience a seamless visual effect. Illuminate your name, initials, or logo onto the dance floor. ​ Photo booths are the perfect way for guests to enjoy themselves and walk away with a token from your night.
  • What’s your policy on drinking or smoking?
    No drinking or smoking, PERIOD!
  • How long does a full face of makeup take?
    Depending on how detailed your requested look is, application time can range from 30 to 60 minutes.
  • How long will my makeup wear?
    Depending on your final choice of makeup look (ie. dewy vs matte) the wear time of your makeup can range from 6 to 12 hours without touch ups.
  • How do I increase the longevity of my dewy makeup look?
    For a dewy skin look, blotting often with tissue to dull shine, not rubbing or scratching the skin when it itches, but only tapping using your finger pad if you have a facial itch, will help dewy skin wear through the final dance.
  • How should I prep my skin?
    For brides, our artist recommends exfoliating every day, the week before your wedding. For the 3 days leading up to your event, you may stop exfoliating and simply wash and moisturize your face as normal. On the day of your event, please arrive with your face washed using a facial soap cleanser, and moisturized with your favorite facial moisturizer.
  • What is the best way to remove my makeup before bed?
    Our lead artist recommends using a 3 step process to remove makeup. Start with an oil based cleanser or facial oil to break down the products. Then rinse and follow up with a standard facial cleanser/soap. Finally, end your routine with your favorite moisturizer, before drifting off to sleep.
  • How soon before an event should I book makeup?
    As soon as you know what day your event is, you should book makeup to reserve that date. However, I recommend scheduling your trial run within 1-3 months of your event, as weather conditions and seasons can affect the way makeup wears throughout the day.
  • Do I have to pay for a trial run?
    For brides there is no charge for a trial run, it is included in your price. We will have several days out of the month. You shall be able to select one of these days at your discretion at the time if booking.
  • Why do you have a mix of brands in your kit?
    Our lead artist has specifically curated a selection of products that they know perform well on various skin types, in various lighting environments, as well as in photos & real life. No brand is the best in every single category of products, but we handpicked our favorites.
  • Do you have products for sensitive skin?
    The Lead MUA favors products that are kind to skin, with many skincare/priming products that aim to smooth and sooth redness and sensitivity, as well as makeup products that have simple ingredients and clean formulas. As a former brand ambassador for MAC Cosmetics, our lead artist has extensive knowledge in their skin products which supply much of the makeup kits we've assembled.
  • What brands are in the kit?
    Skin mainly consists of MAC, Jcat Beauty, Urban Decay, Elf, ofra, maybelline, colourpop, and various others for eyeshadow brands.
  • How do you clean and sanitize your kit?
    As with retail makeup, all cream products are sanitized before and after use on a client using an alcohol sanitizing spray. All sealed liquid products (even with applicators) never touch a face and remain sealed when not in use. All brushes are cleaned and sanitized using a professional grade makeup remover, and alcohol. For all powders, the top 3 layers of powder are removed using a clean tissue, and for any lipsticks, they are sanitized, then wiped using a tissue to remove the top 3 layers, and that process repeats once more before application.
  • What kind of lashes do you use?
    Our lead artist favors Ardell and Kiss lashes for most situations. However in some more glam cases, we have longer thicker options from various online and in store sources, however we do not utilize any genuine mink lashes in our kit unless a client supplies them.
  • Do your artists allow the use of my own products?
    We tend to advise against using your own products for an event, especially if you opt to not do a trial run. We have selected our products based on years of makeup experience and product knowledge to be able to guarantee a successful result, every time. When using alternate products, we cannot guarantee sanitization standards, makeup color, finish, or photo quality for your event. However, we understand that some clients may have an allergy or aversion to certain products or ingredients, and we do understand if you would prefer adding in one of your personal products, but understand that the quality of your makeup may mot be up to the standard we usually strive for, or the level of quality you saw online.
  • Are your products hypoallergenic?
    We hate to be the bearer of bad news, but “Hypoallergenic” is simply a marketing gimmick, or buzz word. That is a term that any brand can, and many brands do label their products with. “Hypoallergenic cosmetics are products that manufacturers claim produce fewer allergic reactions than other cosmetic products. Consumers with hypersensitive skin, and even those with "normal" skin, may be led to believe that these products will be gentler to their skin than non-hypoallergenic cosmetics. -FDA Article
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