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How to Pull Off the Perfect Engagement Shoot

Your engagement photoshoot is one of the first big moments in a long line of exciting experiences to come—yay! With a gorgeous new ring on your finger, there’s no better way to kick off the wedding festivities than with a professional photoshoot with your partner. You can use these photos for your save the dates or simply for your own personal memories—either way, this is an experience you definitely don’t want to miss out on. If you’re not sure where to start, not to worry. Getting all your ducks in a row can feel overwhelming, but at B. Remembered, we’re here to help you along the way. Below, we’ve compiled some of our best tips and tricks to help you pull off the engagement shoot of your dreams.

Finding the Perfect Backdrop

The background is what’s going to make your photographs stand out, but that doesn’t mean you have to choose just one. Ask your photographer to help you choose a couple of spots that will give the photos enough variety while still maintaining a cohesive theme. For example, if you’ve selected a park, find areas with varying colors and textures, to keep things interesting. You’ll still have the natural elements of the outdoors, but it’ll give you more photo options to choose from.

And, if you’re first-time models, don’t be afraid to scout the area beforehand to find spots that look secluded enough. That way, you can feel comfortable and confident when your photographer is snapping away.

Harmonize Your Color Scheme

What you wear on the day of your shoot matters—even more than you might think. Opting for neutral colors adds a classic and elegant touch to your images, making them feel timeless. We recommend that you avoid overly bright or patterned clothing that distract from the emotional depth of the moment. Instead, choose outfits that complement each other and the setting, enhancing the natural beauty and emotions being captured.

Choose a Meaningful Location

You want the location of your engagement photoshoot to be beautiful, yes, but it should also be a place where you feel most comfortable and yourselves. If you’re shy, don’t choose a busy downtown area where you’ll have lots of lookie-loos. Ideally, your location of choice could be a place that holds special memories or somewhere you both love to spend time together. Believe it or not, when you're comfortable and relaxed, it reflects in your photos.

Chase Golden Hour

Lighting will make or break a photograph but golden hour is a photographer's best friend. If you aren’t familiar with the term golden hour, it’s the brief period just after sunrise or before sunset and offers soft, flattering light that will transform your engagement photos into true works of art. This magical lighting accentuates emotions and adds a dreamy, romantic quality to your pictures. If you can fit it into your schedule, try to allow some time to snag a few pics during this quick period.


At B. Remembered Weddings, we understand that each couple is unique, and their engagement shoot deserves to be too. Our photography services will help you to feel confident that your engagement photos end up as beautiful as the love you two share. Let B. Remembered help you share your joy in a way that will be remembered forever. Visit our website to learn more about how we can help make these next few moments perfect.

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