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The Bigger Picture Surrounding Wedding Photography

No matter what you may think about weddings, there’s no doubt that it’s a special day that is worth b'ing remembered (Get it... B. Remembered... sorry we had to lol).

Wedding Photography
The Bigger Picture Surrounding Wedding Photography

So why try and reminisce on the venue, cake, and dress when you can look back at the beautiful photos taken throughout the event? There’s a reason why wedding photography is such a big business. It truly captures the entire day from beginning to end and allows couples to look back on those memories for years to come. When we surveyed over 600 people on the topic, it became clear why this vendor service was so important.

The Cost

When the cake is finished, guests are gone, and flowers are wilted, you’ll be happy to have set aside a decent portion of funds to photograph your wedding. It’s more than just a day, but a lifetime of memories. So, what does a lifetime of memories cost these days? According to our survey, 15% of couples spent between $1,500 and $2,000 on photography. Depending on your budget, it’s safe to say that you want to make sure you maximize accordingly to fit in a great wedding photographer who will tell the story of your day in the form of beautiful photos.

Choosing a Professional

Our apologies to your cousins or uncles, but this is not the time for family favors. More than half of couples make sure to hire professional vendors for photography, and with careful research, it’s more than possible to have a beautiful experience with who you choose. In fact, more than 44% of couples admit to having a positive experience with the photography company they chose. Remember, it’s not only their job to capture the moment but also to ensure you are living in the moment as much as possible.

Just think about it.

These wedding photos will last generations and will be seen by your children, even future grandchildren, so it’s all the more reason to hire someone who knows what they’re doing and take it seriously.

Be sure you vet them out accordingly and are able to have the biggest smile on your face when you see the final images.


We hope this helps with your upcoming big day! To find a team of Wedding Professionals and incredible service, please check out our website at

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