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Why Hire a Wedding Photographer?

We want to stress that we understand this isn't original, but it is truly a reminder of what a wedding photographer can do with you... with some humor!

Obvious Reasons Aside...

We've heard it all, from the fact that "your phone takes really good photos" to "Uncle Bob does beautiful nature photography..." I don't mean to romanticize this, but Wedding Photography and honestly any Wedding Services are soooo much more than just the photos someone takes or the skills they may have.

Sure, someone takes a beautiful photo of a hill (please note this is not discrediting any form of photography, rather emphasizing the additional skills needed), but that doesn't mean they can control the chaos of a wedding while adding to the enjoyment of the day...

And on top of all of that, create a beautiful, long-lasting memory you will share with friends and family for the rest of your life!

(That may be a bit dramatic but you get the point lol)

Find a Best Friend

Point is, you are going to spend the most important day (or at least one of them) with your photographer.

Here are a few things you should consider:

  1. Make sure they can keep things light

  2. You want someone who can keep the party rolling and stay on time

  3. Find a professional who listens to the style you want and not what their ego needs

  4. You need someone who can stay calm under pressure

  5. Finally, an individual who captures the genuine beauty of the day because it cannot be posted...

There are a LOT of amazing photographers out there, but this job is about so much more... Many can take incredible photos, but ONLY a few can create an unforgettable experience.


We hope this helps with your upcoming big day! To find a team of Wedding Professionals and incredible service, please check out our website at

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